my projects:

taco digest.

personal email digest. you can create a customizable newsletter from different sources across the web.
launched: 07.12.2021
stack:ruby, rails, postgresql, javascript


website about visas for digital nomads, financial independant and other long-term expats.
launched: 10.03.2021
stack v1:python, django, postgresql, javascript
stack v2:javascript, next.js, posgtgresql, strapi

learning story.

community and goal achieving platform that encourages people to share and discuss their learnings in public.
launched: 15.12.2020
stack:ruby, ruby on rails, postgresql, javascript


apple arcade games aggregator.
launched: 17.03.2020
stack:javascript, react.js, node.js

another way out.

telegram channel in Russian about traveling, immigration, remote work and nomad lifestyle.
launched: 24.04.2019

youtube channel.

my channel about traveling, nomading, tech and related experiences
launched: 30.08.2018


this blog about indie making, development, traveling and nomading.
launched: 21.07.2018
stack:javascript, gatsbyjs, markdown
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