I quit my job to work on SaaS products and YouTube full-time.

Let's do this! 🚀

Yesterday was my last day at my job. I am finally taking a leap of faith to pursue my long-awaited dream of working on "my own thing".

What’s the plan, Dmitrii?

Well, I genuinely enjoyed my job and the team I worked with. But deep down, I knew employment was not what I envisioned to do with my life, and I always wanted to "do my own thing."

Life has been crazy in the last few years, but it's finally slowing down, and I am in a perfect place now and ready to take this leap of faith.

I will work in two directions: youtube videos and digital products (mainly SaaS). I have many ideas for products and monetization of YouTube videos, so tons of experimentation is coming.

So like, how do you even afford that?

My wife and I are both very good at savings and investments. We have been following FIRE principles for a while. But the idea of fully retiring and doing nothing always felt so weird to me.

So, instead of going after my ultimate FIRE number, I am pulling the plug earlier, and instead of retiring, I am using the money to invest in this journey.

I reallocated some portion of the portfolio into more liquid assets, and it should last me for 3 years of living expenses.

That's my self-imposed deadline for establishing sustainable income streams before I need to dig deeper into my investments. I would prefer to avoid this scenario.

Why not combine it with your job? Double the fun, double the hustle!

I tried this way but could never focus entirely and dedicate the time and effort I truly wanted for my projects.

This is also the fastest way to burn out, in my opinion. It inevitably leads to the struggle in some parts of your life. It's your personal life, day job, or projects. I think life is too short for these sacrifices. Plus, I am already in my 30s; the older I get, the more I value time over money.

I am very excited. I will share everything on Twitter and my new YouTube channel, where I want to document everything happening on my journey. 🚀

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