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Hi there!

Thanks for visiting my blog. My name is Dmitrii Pashutskii and I'm:

  • Originally from Saint-Petersburg/Moscow, Russia
  • Freelance Web Developer. Currently, work on https://upwork.com platform
  • A passionate traveler and digital nomad. Right now we travel full time with my lovely wife
  • Youtube creator. With my wife we trying to document our travel on our YouTube Channel. We just started and we're a complete newbie in this area. But we become better every day!
  • Lover of searching new ways for self-development and mindfulness
  • Vegetarian, a fan of meditation
  • Football fan. I've really love to watch the English Premier League and cheer up my team FC Chelsea. I also watch Champions League and National Championships. Several years I play in Fantasy Premier League

This blog

Here I publish articles and thoughts about all things that interested and inspired me. I hope you enjoy my blog! You could also ask me anything on Twitter or just reach me out to chat.