New Old blog


This is my first post on my new old blog. Hi ✌️

I decided to simplify my blog and move from Contentful and just use simple Markdown to store all the posts. Contentful is great, but I like the approach of reducing third time applications and it’s a bit harder to use blog locally. Recently I deleted a couple of posts from Contentful because I accidentally used starter setup command which have default content and could rewrite your posts.

For this blog I just took the simplest gatsby-blog-starter. Yeah, my blog is looks like all default blogs right now 😃But I have plans for tweaking and personalising it.

I used Netlify for deployment (the guys are the best!), added my favourite styled-components, a few Gatsby plugins and that’s it. The blog is done! It’s amazing how simple now to start a new blog and how powerful the instruments (React + Gatsby) to customise everything in the future!

Looking forward to post more content this year!