Cost of living in Bali


Today I want to talk about money and share how much does it costs to live in Bali as a nomad.

I am here already for 4th month, so I can do some arithmetic mean. I live in Canggu district, but other touristic areas are not much different.

Worth noting that I am here with my wife, and we have a common budget, but I’ll try to calculate costs for one person as well.

🏡 Accommodation

The most expensive category for us, but it varies depends on your appetite for comfort. You can find a very simple guest house for €350, but also very expensive personal villas for €2000.

We rent a shared house. We don’t have a pool, but we have a personal kitchen, good refurbishment, and cleaning. It costs us €600.

That’s the price I recommend everyone to count on. Especially if you’re planning to live for more than one month.

This category doesn’t split if you’re alone. The price rarely decreasing depending on the number of people.

🍲 Eat out

Since this is Asia most of the times we are eating out. Cafés/restaurants are very different from each other. There is a lot of warung’s (local eatery) with pretty good food with €1-1.5 per dish. But there are also many hipster style restraints with €7-8 per dish. And your budget is going to depend on your choice.

We go to places with average prices (or a bit higher sometimes) and very rarely order drinks. Besides, we have breakfast at home most of the days.

Our monthly average is €380.

If you travel alone you can split it into two (€190)

🧀 Grocery

We don’t spend much money here, especially compared to Moscow where we cook at home.

Most of the shopping is fruits (they are cheap in Asia), eggs, cheese and bread and some other stuff for breakfast.

Most of the grocery costs the same as in Moscow (and most of Europe) with continent specifics. For example, rice is very cheap and the potatoes are expensive.

We spend €130 on average in this category, you can split in two if you’re alone (€65).

👩‍💼 Insurance

It’s very important to have insurance when you’re traveling.

The average price for the insurance at my local companies and Safety Wings is €40 per month per person.

🛫 Planes/Visas

If you’re planning to stay in Bali (or anywhere in Indonesia) you have to do visa-runs. There is an option to get a social visa, but I haven’t done it, so I’m not considering this.

Buying Visa on arrival at the airport (30 days) + extend it for 30 more days with local agency costs you €85. You must do it only once per two months so let’s count that costs €42,5.

After two months when the visa expires you have to leave the country. The cheapest options are Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia or Singapore (double check your visa status here).

The average price for two ways tickets are €200 and again we split it because it’s once per two-month activity. It gives us €100 per person per month

🛵 Transport

Usually, in most of Asia, you can rent a scooter/motorcycle cheap. In Bali rent a scooter + gas costs around €80-€120. It depends on the vehicle.

I have no idea how much it costs to move around in a taxi. I guess 3-4 times more expensive.

Most of the couples rent one scooter per person, and we’re no exception.

🛸 Other

For sure, you are going to face any other unpredictable expenses. It’s always a good idea to have some savings with you. You can consider medicine, household items, bars and alcohol, movies, gym, surfing, and other activities. Also, you could want to buy something like clothes or electronics.

To be safe you should have at least an extra €300 per month.

💰 Summary

I made a summary Google sheets table for better visibility.

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